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Released Wines

    2018 Kemmeter Estate Pinot Cuvée

    This wine has a charming personality and shows vanilla, caramelized pear and lemon zest to get the attention. A creamy texture adds to the palate and supports the slightly noticeable natural sweetness and a spicy finish. We had a chance to shape this wine just for the second time since we opened in August of 2013. The first Pinot Cuvée was from 2015 vintage.We do have just a few cases available. You either can visit us at our tasting room to taste/purchase it if you would like or send us an e-mail with your request. We also will put this wine on our website for purchase. This wine should be best from early 2021 and should “hold on” for another 6 to 8 years beyond that.

    2018 Kemmeter Estate Riesling “two Notes”

    This wine is a marriage of our vineyards established in 2014 and 2016. Bouquet starts with inviting honey melon, ginger spice and pineapple with the mouthfeel showing good texture and viscosity. The finish has black pepper like spiciness which gives the palate an interesting little “kick”. In three years from now this wine should have “its act” together and go strong for a decade to follow.

    2017 Kemmeter Sheldrake Point Vineyard Riesling

    As always, wines from this vineyard are driven by bright citrus aroma mainly grapefruit and lime zest with a great sense of minerality and "tension". The spine (natural acidity) of this wine is supported by 1.2 % natural sweetness. 

    2018 Kemmeter Estate Riesling “three Notes” 

    This wine is from our Vineyard established in 2016.  Behaves like a cute baby, wrapping one around the Finger . It starts with a charming fruit forward bouquet of honey melon, pineapple and golden delicious apple which transcends into the palate, adding to the texture and viscosity. Even though being harvested from our Vineyard, planted in 2016, it will improve over the next few years and should stay “alive” for at least one decade. Let’s hope the Baby grows up.

    2018 Kemmeter Estate Riesling “three Notes”

    After the baby, now let’s come to the teenager. This Riesling was harvested from our vineyard planted in 2014. This one is right now not as “loud” aromatically as the baby but has everything it needs to do well. It reminds me of a “wallflower” which doesn’t show all it got right now. Especially the palate with its spiciness, texture and length gives more than a hint of what’s to come. This wine might quiet well be the one who can “walk” the longest. After a time of “rest” over the next three to four years, it could do well for ............ 

    Upcoming release: 2018 Kemmeter Estate SanSan Gewürztraminer

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