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Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe, but we are getting close to the end of 2014. Imelda and I have been very blessed and fortunate with the developments on our grounds. We would like to share with you our experiences this past year:

The Vineyard - The first vines went into the ground in early June of this year and grew very well over this past summer. We planted a total of two and a half acres of vineyard with one acre of Riesling, one acre of Pinot Noir and half an acre of Pinot Blanc. We hope that we can see a small amount of clusters, growing on our "babies" by next year in fall. It will be very special for us to offer you wine made out of our own fruit at some point within the next couple of years. In order to protect the young vines, we established an eight-foot high fence, surrounding the entire property.

The Growing Season 2014 - As most of you might remember, the past winter was a little longer than we would have hoped for. This together with some heavy rain and cool temperatures into late May kept the vineyards from showing life and growth for about two more weeks than on average. Nonetheless, once we reached June, the weather improved with warm temperature and occasional showers. In August, we got a little more rain than we really needed, but the temperature stayed pretty warm and good to keep the grapes maturing into fall.

The main challenge, actually, turned out to be the late start into the season, which translated into "running a little out of time" once we reached October. But - we did have the fortunate situation that the vineyards we are getting our fruit from, have been managed very well!

The Kemmeter Wines of 2014 - Even while some of the wines are still fermenting at this point, I can see them turning out vibrant and elegant and maybe a little bit like some of the 2012 wines we offered you in the past. Also, for this vintage, we have Riesling only. There will be no SanSan label of this vintage.

The Tasting Room - Here is an update on the wines available:

- The 2013 Sonero Riesling should be available until March/April of next year. The 2014 vintage will be released by late April to early May of 2015.

- The 2013 Sheldrake Point Vineyard Riesling should make it into May of next year. The 2014 vintage will not be released until August of next year at the earliest.

- The 2013 Red Tail Ridge Vineyard Riesling should be available until sometime in July/August of next year. There will be no vintage 2014 of that vineyard, since they had severe frost damage last winter and were not able to sell fruit to us. We will try to get fruit from that vineyard again for the harvest 2015.

The 2012 SanSan Riesling is just about to be out the door. It might be here for a couple more weeks.

    Wines to be released in the near future:

The 2013 White Pine Riesling should be available between late March and mid May of 2015.

The 2013 SanSan Riesling will be available sometime late March, early April of 2015.

Winter hours

We plan to be around for the winter. So, weather permitting, we can host you during regular sales hours (Thursday through Saturday), and, if possible, also at times other than that as long as you call us ahead of time. We want to remind you again - please make an appointment for a tasting – this way we truly can serve you best!!!!!!!!!

And of course, there is also the chance to ship wine if needed (within New York, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Florida). For the New Yorkers (City) among you, please don't forget that we can get wine "down" to you through my dear John Martini from Anthony Road Wine Co.! He can be found about every Saturday at the Green Market at Union Square and can get the wine to you (no shipment costs for you here!).

Thank you to all of you again, for your support. It is truly a privilege and great fun to serve you. Imelda and I wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas time and a healthy and joyful 2015!


Johannes and Imelda

December 15, 2014

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